manabou (manabou) wrote in kiyo_cola,

Fanclub membership


I've asked about the FCs before, so sorry for writing about it again, but I'm still as clueless as I was then.

Is there anyone that could tell me the difference between the Kiyoharu Official Fanclub and the Fullface membership ( I've searched for it so many times but can't find anything ).

The last time I asked I was informed that the Kiyoharu Official is mainly for internet stuff and that you can't order tickets through it. But it says in the information that you can pre-order tickets, with some exceptions. :S

On the info page on the OHP (about the Kiyoharu Official Fanclub membership) they write about the Kiyoharu Official as Fullface membership. If these are two different fanclubs, why do they call them the same thing? While logged in on the Kiyoharu Official it says:
清春official fanclub 『FULLFACE MEMBERS』会員限定LIVE
And(!) You can obviously apply for the tickets this time if I've got it all right.

I'm sorry if there's something I'm missing but I really don't get it... T_T

Or if someone could direct me to a website I'd appreciate that a lot.

Thank you ! :)
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