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Name : Kiyoharu

Birthday : 1968.10.30

Birth Place : Nagoya, Japan

Blood Type : A

Currently : Solo artist

Formerly : Vocalist of Kuroyume and SADS

Hometown : Gifu prefecture, Japan

Resources :
Kiyoharu sites:
Official Artist HP
Official Artist Blog (syndicated @ kiyoharu_blog)
community MEMORIES (lyrics, scans, media, etc.)
Official Discography
Bouncy Records
Kika Night 11 Streaming Radio Show site
Welcome to my Babylon
Like @ Angel Kiyoharu Fanlist
Kiyoharu Interview @ Excite.jp
Kiyoharu Deep Kiss Really cute JP fanart
Blue Neurose Scan Site
Kiyoharu romaji lyrics
Kiyoharu discography list

SADS sites:
SADS lyrics
SADS Lyrics @ Kirin No Kashi
SADS Gallery
SADS @ Jrock Channel
Visual G Scan Site
SADS discography list

Kuroyume sites:
Kuroyume @ Tomobiki
Kuroyume's Story
Kuroyume @ Jrock Channel
Kuroyume Translated Interview
Kuroyume Gallery
Choku Yume Mania
Kuroyume Romaji Lyrics
Kuroyume Translated Lyrics
Kuroyume discography list

Community : A community dedicated to one of Japan's most talented vocalists and performers Kiyoharu. The purpose of this community is to share information, pose questions, post graphics and art, and also files to download.

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